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The  Crucible
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here comes the storm;


if u r thinking of sending hate to dragon age devs about the romance options, here is some advice

  • grow the fuck up and do not do that


( )

All I can do is…promise you I won’t abandon you again.

this is goodbye.

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1) When I was young, I transferred to a school and had a Lindsay Lohan - Mean Girls moment. I befriended these three girls who were the “queen bees” of my year group while also having a separate group of “geeky/dorky” friends. I would be with the queens at lunch time and held back to observe while they all drooled over this boy called Kenny. The major differences between mine and Lindsay’s character, however, are that: a) I had absolutely no interest in giving any boy the date of the month, and b) on Wednesdays I did not wear pink; I was at football (soccer) practice, and the queens would come to the gym and pick me up afterwards.

2) I was really surprised when I got an A-grade for the English national exam I did when I was 16. This is because my English teacher never believed in my abilities and always gave me C/D (and even E grades, I think) for my homework. I didn’t hold a grudge against her at the time because I thought she was right; I thought my English was really that bad even though I have been learning it my whole life. So you can imagine my surprise when I got an A (which was not marked by her but by the exam board) when my friends, who were accustomed to getting As, received Bs instead. Lesson: don’t let others put you down, never give up on yourself.

3) I used to swim, learn taekwondo, play table tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, run etc, and now I play video games.

4) One time, I was playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with a bunch of randoms. I played as AUI (“EDI”) and used a Cerberus Harrier II. I knocked a lot of enemies down and had the top score at the end. But throughout the game, this guy who had his mic on was constantly throwing me compliments and said things like: “who’s Boscovici? Who’s he?”, “dude/bro, you’re so good”, “how are you killing them so fast man??”, “ahh you have the Harrier, that’s clever man” etc. He kept referring to me with male pronounces even though I’m a girl, but of course he didn’t know that. I found it highly amusing so I waited until we finished the game, I went to grab my mic, turned it on and then said: “hey, I’m a girl”. He freakING LOST IT.

(Okay the latter didn’t happen because I don’t know where my mic is but I wished I did it, would’ve been funny.)
5) Waking up to Beyoncé’s VMAs performance and the win by Seattle Reign against Spirit gave me so much life, I didn’t think it was possible.

video game companies: *makes game with female/LGBT characters*
Me: Wassup ET?
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