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b o s c o v i c i ' s : SEP 14 FOLLOW FOREVER
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I’m not sure if this “playlist concept” has already been done before but the idea came to my head just now so I ran with it. I have dedicated a song to each person here; they are by no means a biography of them or their personalities… some I think suit their individual music taste, some I think they might enjoy, and some are just a shot in the dark.

SIDE A is a list of my friends whom I talk to and/or game with frequently. They are all genuinely very smart, funny and nice individuals worthy of following and a conversation. SIDE B are people I do not talk to but admire from afar because of their impeccable taste/personality/graphic-making skills.

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DA:I Companions


Blessed are they who stand before
The corrupt and the wicked and do not falter.

—Benedictions 4:10

                                Dorian & Vivienne Watercolors


Roses are red

You item is blue

Your engram was purple

Sucks to be you

I was brave, I resisted, I set myself on fire.

SO close to beating the Vault of glass with madame-de-fer smashy-smashy-eggman elementzeros vakarianx littlemissredfield !! We are at the last stage at this point and it’s pretty much trial and error, but it’s so fun, especially when I can say “get off me plate, I swear on me mum!” down the mic. 

In other news, Lita and I accidentally ended up looking like Tali and Garrus from ME2 by pure chance (image courtesy of Kelly). Yaaaas.

The world we live in now… and the dying… seems like it’s a basic rule; like something we should get used to it, right?… why does it hurt this much then?


Fucking Cryptarch.

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